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Learning objectives:

Mastering the technologies and practical techniques necessary for organizing the interaction of public and business structures with public authorities and local self-government, creating a favorable political, administrative and legislative environment for systematic planning of public-private partnerships, promoting the interests of the company in the system of state and municipal government, forming a positive the reputation of the business organization.

Upon graduation, you will be able to:

  • Assess the political environment, develop strategies to achieve goals and implement them.

  • Use the entire arsenal of effective communication skills during gr-projects.

  • Find, attract and motivate stakeholders in their projects.

  • Resolve emerging issues in a manner that maintains ethical standards and professional behavior.

The audience

  • top management of private and public organizations;

  • specialists in the field of relations with public authorities;

  • media representatives;

  • representatives of non-profit organizations and the expert community;


MODULE 1: How to build a GR function in a private company?

  • Modeling and practice of GR-structures of private companies.

  • Basic requirements for a GR specialist (for regulations and instructions).

  • Assessment of the work of GR-structures in commercial organizations

  • Professional associations of lobbyists and GR specialists

Workshop "Sinkwine GR"

MODULE 3: GR Strategy Tactics.

  • Public and expert structures under state (municipal) bodies

  • The use of non-profit organizations in GR activities. The "fourth estate" as an ally and tool

  • Political projects in GR. Political campaigns: referendums, polls, protest campaigns

Workshop "Choosing a Strategy"

MODULE 2: Government decisions and technologies of influence on the process of their development. Basics of communication with authorities.

  • The system of state bodies through the eyes of a GR specialist

  • The internal structure of a public authority: general and specific. Determination of information flows in government structures (horizontal and vertical relations)

  • The process of initiating and making regulatory decisions, their types, points of return and no return; basics of design work. Program documents for design work

  • Communication skills of a GR specialist in dealing with government officials. Prohibitions and restrictions of public service: what is allowed and what is not. Appeals to authorities: forms, content and techniques

Workshop "Lobbyist Vanka Zhukov: mistakes when writing letters to state (municipal) bodies"

MODULE 4: GR toolkit.

  • Analysis of the political and economic situation in the course of the project

  • Stakeholder Map

  • Changes in legislation or regulation

  • Description of the project

  • Analysis of the regulatory document

  • GR-toolkit depending on project types.

  • Changing enforcement practices

  • Investment support and protection

  • Inspection and inspection support

  • Investment projects support

  • Features of work at the EAEU level.

Workshop "Ideal Gr-project"




Candidate of Legal Sciences, expert practitioner in the field of GR. Business coach, consultant.

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Director of Public Relations and Government Relations, Cargill Russia

Стоимость участия


  • Educational materials

  • Chat and ask questions online

  • Intensive video recording

  • Participant certificate

RUB 15,900


  • Educational materials

  • Chat and ask questions online

  • Intensive video recording

  • Participant certificate

RUB 12,000


  • Educational materials

  • Chat and ask questions online

  • Intensive video recording

  • Participant certificate

RUB 19,080