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Stanislav Koryakin

Producer of development projects, expert in strategic communications, political consultant, master of public policy in the field of spatial development project management.

Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, the Political Technologies Committee of the RASO and the Expert Council of the Union of Russian Cities. Deputy Head of the Working Group under the Ministry of Natural Resources for the Efficient Use and Development of Water Resources and Coastal Areas of the Russian Federation.

Professional practice of communications - since 1995. More than 30 electoral, political and public campaigns at various levels in leadership positions. Since 2003 - practice in business management of communications with authorities and public relations (GR / PR). Since 2005 - development management and strategic management.
Founder of ObKom LLC www.obcom.pro - a company specializing in the development and implementation of complex projects and solving non-standard tasks in the field of communications, entrepreneurship, social activities, politics, territorial development, strategy development and roadmaps.

Winner of the competition "Targeted search for senior management personnel" Golden talent pool of Russia in the XXI century "(1999), laureate of the competitions" Golden fund of entrepreneurship "(2007)," Talent pool of United Russia - Professional team of the country "(2007 and 2010).